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The company has established a 3D printing material verification center, which is mainly used to verify the company's conventional products and new materials, master the printing performance of various materials, and provide printing technical support for customers. At present, the more than 5000 square meters of metal 3D printing verification center is under preparation, and more than 20 sets of equipment are planned to be configured, and 5 sets have been completed.

Advantages and characteristics:

He has rich experience in the design, preparation, modification, printing and heat treatment of metal powder materials;

Starting from the material problem, the material composition, printing process and heat treatment technology are analyzed;

At present, the printing material superalloy 4169, 4099, 3625, titanium alloy TC4, aluminum alloy AlSi10Mg, AlSi7Mg, die steel Vms-131, etc. are optimized to solve the industry application pain points.


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