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The company established a testing center in October 2015, which is mainly used for product testing and research and development. Up to now, the company's R&D center has equipped more than 20 detection equipment, such as Marvin particle size analyzer, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer (ICP), microwave digestion instrument, carbon and sulfur analyzer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analyzer and optical microscope.

The detection center uses the ICP equipment imported from the United States for component detection, which can detect dozens of element components at the same time, with an error of less than ± 0.5%. In addition, microwave digestion instrument, powder comprehensive performance tester, optical microscope and other auxiliary detection equipment are used. At the same time, parallel samples are sent to the General Iron and Steel Research Institute and the Nonferrous Metals Research Institute regularly to calibrate the testing equipment and ensure the stability and accuracy of the equipment operation.

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