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The company has 15 automatic production lines and 40 production lines under construction. It has more than 37000 heats of production experience, and can stably solve the problem of production capacity shortage. Among them, there are 10 VIGA production lines with an annual capacity of more than 750 tons, which are applicable to the production of stainless steel, die steel, aluminum alloy, high-temperature alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy, copper alloy and customized alloy. VIGA equipment has completed the design of a fully automatic pulverizing line, which can realize the pipelined operation of atomization, cooling, transfer, screening and packaging on the equipment. The powder production will be changed from the current semi-automatic mode to the fully automatic mode, and the production capacity of a single line will increase by more than four times.

There are five EIGA production lines with an annual capacity of more than 120 tons, which are suitable for producing TC4, TA15, TA1 and other high-quality powders. The argon circulation system is deeply integrated with the new titanium powder production line, the gas consumption is reduced by 95%, and the powder yield is increased by 10 percentage points.

Based on Xuzhou and Kunshan production bases, the company has rapidly developed and expanded its production scale and supplied 3D printed metal powder products in batches. The quality of mold steel, superalloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy, copper alloy and other powder products has reached the international advanced level. At the same time, a single investment of 50 million yuan in the same batch of bidding procurement of raw materials, combined with the company's production process of single product, single line and separate process, ensures the quality standardization and batch stability of metal powder products from the source to the end.


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