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The company adheres to the production spirit of "quality control, excellence, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction", constantly improves the quality control system and process database, It covers "raw material procurement inspection - smelting - atomization - semi-finished product inspection - screening - post-processing - packaging - finished powder inspection - printing finished product inspection", and focuses on strengthening risk detection, supervision and inspection of product quality and safety to maintain quality and safety.

• In terms of equipment, the company's equipment capacity has reached 1200 tons per year, realizing single-line production and post-processing of single products, and all products have fixed production equipment to avoid the impact of equipment changes on product quality.

• In terms of raw materials, the company conducts on-site assessment on the suppliers of key raw materials, and ensures the stability and quality assurance of raw materials by means of tonnage level batch procurement and qualified release after entry inspection.

• In terms of environment, the company implements 6S management to ensure the order and cleanliness of the site and prevent product pollution.

• In terms of methods, the company's products have fixed production processes to ensure the batch stability of products;

• In terms of inspection, each process shall be subject to self-inspection, and process products and finished products shall be subject to special inspection and random inspection to control the quality of products.


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