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"Happy Enterprise" - Ten Things to Do for Employees

Time:2022-06-08      Click:404

1. Featured group building activities

The theme group building activity of "Cohesion, 'Wei' You Come" is held every month to strengthen the spirit of team cooperation, enhance team cohesion and centripetal force, improve employees' work enthusiasm, release their work pressure, and let employees have a more positive and optimistic attitude to face life and work.


2. Arrange thoughtful haircuts regularly

Arrange barber designers to come to the company every 20 days to provide barber services for employees, facilitate their daily life and improve their mental outlook.

3. Careful monthly benefits

Prepare welfare carefully for employees every month to reduce their life pressure and improve their happiness.

4. Encourage all staff to improve their academic qualifications

During the period of employment, we will provide employees with preferential policies to rebuild their academic qualifications, increase their academic qualifications and reimburse 50% of their tuition fees, and regularly hire experts for training to create room for employees to improve.

5. Improve the working environment

Warm and comfortable office environment, stimulate staff's enthusiasm for work, and effectively improve staff's work efficiency.

6. Uniform fitting for all employees (22 years)

Uniformly customize professional outfits, cultural shirts and sports shirts for all employees to improve the overall image of employees


7. Warm Heart Birthday Cake Card

Prepare cake cards and special gifts for each employee's birthday month. The company's blessings and surprises are sent to employees on their birthday, so that employees can feel the warmth and care of the extended family after work.

8. Create Red Flag Book House

To create a learning atmosphere for employees, the company will purchase or reimburse the cost of books for employees, and encourage employees to read more and learn more.

9. Add air conditioner for smelting furnace

The smelting furnace is equipped with air conditioners to provide a bit of cool air for front-line struggling employees.

10. New cultural and entertainment facilities

Add fitness equipment to provide employees with a healthy living environment, enhance physical fitness and relieve work pressure.

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